An interview with designer Alex Berry



If you asked me what my favorite release was last year i will quickly tell you High Treason. This game is just the perfect balance of back and forth struggle for a two player game. Recently i had the opportunity to talk to Alex Berry about it.

This is one of the most unique themes I have come across in a game. How was it chosen?

I thought of doing a trial game with the key mechanic of jury selection. Having a 12 person jury would be too onerous for gameplay mechanics, so I wanted to pick a jury trial that had less than 12. Louis Riel’s seemed to fit the bill the best.

How long did it take to gather all the information and fact check each of the character cards?

cardI had been working on the design since 2012. I read through the entire trial transcripts to determine the cards. Other secondary research occurred. finding the photos was the hardest and there was a lot of help from various sources.

Was there a mechanic you really wanted in the game but just could not get to work out?

Not really, I’m very satisfied with how the game turned out. I’ve other mechanics for other games.

I have watched several of your videos. I really enjoyed your “Top 5 Underrated Games” segment. What would be your #1 game from 2016 in that category?

I can’t pick my own, lol, I’d say Forged in Steel. It also does unique things with the CDG mechanic. A lot of strict Euro players don’t like it and it has taken some heat, but it is really a brilliant game that underwent a lot of playtesting (I know ’cause I was a playtester on it) and that forged a great game.

Do you have any other games in the works?

Yes, I’m currently working on 3 different games, all in various stages of design. Furthest along is a game on the Presidential Election of 1824, a game on the Nuremberg Trials, and one on the Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson in the Senate.

Finally, what is a game that you love that we may have not heard of?

I’d say Tim Taylor’s To the Last Man. I’m the opposite of a Euro player, to me the mechanics need to invoke the feel of the theme and To The Last Man does that Brilliantly. I feel like I’m Falkenhayn; Yes I’m suffering terrible causalities, but I’m bleeding the enemy white at a faster attrition that I myself am taking, and that’s how I’m going to win the war. It also employs hidden information extremely well which is another favourite mechanic of mine, as you observe by the jury selection process in High Treason.


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