Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

“There’s Mistaken Point, Newfoundland.
There’s Moonbeam, Ontario.
There are places I’ve never been,
and always wanted to go.”
Fly – The Tragically Hip


Thank you for stopping in. My name is James Freeman and I am the new blogger for to die for games. Before I get into my intro, I just want to say what a great job Halden did with this blog. I’ve told him that he is welcome to come back and post on the blog any time he wants. I really enjoy reading his reviews and hope to play some games with him some day in the future.

So I thought I’d tell you all a bit about myself. I live just outside of Buffalo, NY,  but I like to think I am Canadian by osmosis. I grew up watching Mr. Dressup and the game show Definition. I watched Coaches Corner every chance I got. I love SCTV and Kids In The Hall. Every major concert I have experienced has been in Toronto (my musical idol, Elvis Costello, who I met at CFNY, the first Foo Fighters club tour, Lolapalooza 91, The Residents, Gorillaz, the list is endless).


Does this matter when it comes to my gaming? Probably not, but it matters to me. Not only do I get to blog about my favorite thing in the whole world, but with To Die For Games being based in Canada I get to give a little bit of entertainment back to a culture that gave me so much.


As a gamer I am not generally “Cult of the New” when choosing what I play,  but I promise to play and review as many games on “The Hotness” as I can reasonably get to. Between myself and those in my various play groups I have access to thousands of games both old and new, so if there is something specific you want reviewed just drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. On my former blog ( I also loved to do interviews with publishers and designers, so I’m also very open to suggestions for new people to track down and speak with.


I truly am grateful for the opportunity to go on this journey with you, and I can’t wait to get started.


Le jeu se déroule.

Author: The Gentlemen Blogger

I am an avid board gamer. I also enjoy every conceivable type of music and a salsa (the dip, although the music is good too.)

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