Fantasy Fantasy Football is live on IndieGoGo

FFFootballFantasy Fantasy Football is a player drafting football game set in a fantasy universe being published by CSE Games. Players will take the role of team managers and draft players to build the ultimate football team of fantasy characters. The game supports 2 to 6 players and will take 20 to 60 minutes to play.

The design team of Daryl Andrews and J.R. Honeycutt are big sports fans as well as gamers and it looks like they’ve found a way to combine these interests. The colourful artwork is done by the local to me illustrator Rob Lundy.

Check out the video from To Die For Games’ very own Boardgaming Pinup Girl Mandi when she sat down with Daryl Andrews at GAMA for a little preview of the game:


Author: The Gentlemen Blogger

I am an avid board gamer. I also enjoy every conceivable type of music and a salsa (the dip, although the music is good too.)

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