Solstice Kickstarter Preview

charactersGrant Rodiek designer of Cry Havoc, Hocus, and Druids has a cool little card game up on kickstarter right now. Solstice is a game that combines card drafting, limited information, and deception in a cool and unique way. The final artwork by John Ariosa is gorgeous and really sells the theme.

Solstice is a tense strategy card game for 2-4 players that plays in 30 minutes. The game is inspired by the classic novel Dune, written by Frank Herbert. Players represent factions vying for control of an interstellar empire. Both bold play and subtlety will be needed to navigate the “wheels within wheels” intrigue of this homage to Herbert’s universe.

I first grabbed the PnP files from Grant via twitter and proceeded to play a few rounds. The actual gameplay is simple but fully understanding the strategy is deceptively intriguing. What I think will really make this game interesting is that due to the way it plays strategies could vary quite a bit as you have to learn to read the players you are playing  nearly as much as you have to read the cards.

you can back the cards only standard edition or a deluxe edition which comes with cool wood tokens.

Cards are the same for both editions, Deluxe edition adds the tokens.

The game is live on Kickstarter and a good deal I think. If you want to try before you buy the rules and PnP files can be found on the games BGG page.


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